Ninth Annual Savvies, Part 2

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Welcome back to the 9th annual Savvies!  Both films in the Outstanding Scene category are based on true stories.  Without further ado, here they are:

Chocolat (2016): Dir. Roschdy Zem; Written by Cyril Gely (screenplay), Olivier Gorce (adaptation), Roschdy Zem (adaptation), & Gérard Noiriel (book and adaptation); Starring Omar Sy, James Thierrée, Clotilde Hesme, and more.

This film tells the story of Rafael Padilla, a former slave who rose to fame as a circus clown in Belle Époque France.   In one scene Padilla becomes angry over a publicity cartoon.  When George Footit, his Caucasian partner in the act, does not understand his anger, Padilla replies, “At least you look human (in the cartoon)!”*  The Information has Value frame reminds us that some individuals. . . may be. . . systemically marginalized within the systems that produce and disseminate information” (Association of College & Research Libraries, 2016, p. 16).


Entre les Murs/The Class(2008): Dir. Laurent Cantet; Written by Laurent Cantet (scenario), Robin Campillo (scenario), & François Bégaudeau (scenario and novel); Starring François Bégaudeau, Agame Malembo-Emene, Angélica Sancio, and more.

This movie and its source novel come from Bégaudeau’s experiences teaching  in an underserved, racially diverse Parisian neighborhood.  In one scene the teacher speaks of alternating between the oral and the written.   He means alternating between the everyday register and the register of the more privileged classes.   Since his students are marginalized, he hopes that mastering the dominant register will give them opportunities otherwise denied them.  Again we see the individuals marginalized within the systems of information.


Though these Savvies have come to a close, the quest for information literacy content in films continues.  We hope you are well.  Stay tuned for future posts!



Association of College & Research Libraries. (2016). Framework for information literacy for higher education. Chicago, IL: Author.


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*This is a paraphrase.

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