The Ninth Annual Savvies

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Welcome to this year’s InfoSavvy Movie Awards!  Since this year’s  noteworthy scenes require more context than they usually do, we’ll present the awards in two posts.  As always the credits come from IMDb.  For noteworthy movie the Savvies go to:


Ann (2020): Written and performed by Holland Taylor.

This play, filmed for PBS’s Great Performances series, concerns the life and career of Texas governor Ann Richards.  In her research actor/playwright Taylor spoke with many of Richards’s  associates and even workshopped the play in Texas (Rindfuss, 2010).   Taylor valued the associates’ lived experience.  So does the Authority is Constructed and Contextual frame (Association of College & Research Libraries, 2016, pp. 12-13).

Spaceballs (1987): Dir. Mel Brooks; Written by Mel Brooks, Thomas Meehan, & Ronny Graham; Starring Mel Brooks, John Candy, Rick Moranis, Bill Pullman, and more.

In previous awards we mentioned how satirists know what they are satirizing.  They also know their audiences.  Mel Brooks and his team chose puns and references that audiences would recognize.   The Information Creation as a Process frame (ACRL, 2016, pp. 14-15) speaks to the choices we make when creating an information product–including satire.


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