Welcome Back Spring 2021

Cup of hot chocolate on an outdoor restaurant table

Welcome back, everyone!  I hope the semester is treating you well.  Though we are working remotely much of the time, we librarians are still here for you.  We can visit your classes in an online synchronous session.

We also work with asynchronous classes.  Your liaison librarians have told you about our information literacy modules.  We can add the desired modules to your BrightSpace courses.  We can create custom material as well.  Of course the two need not exclude each other: The premade modules can prepare students for the more customized content.

Let’s not forget our physical spaces, though.  If you or your students need a space free from distractions, the libraries are open.  Please check the library website for hours, and please remember your mask.

Here’s to the day when we can gather more freely.  In the meantime  hang in there, everyone!


Image Credit: Lachlan Ross, from Pexels

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