Top 10 of 2020, Part 2

In my last post I started my annual top 10 list.  Before I share the remaining five entries,  I’ll mention that the final item is a last-minute discovery.  I broke alphabetical order and placed it at the end of the list.

Stileman, K., & Nyren, H. (2020). The A to Zoom of digital book events: How one press managed the overnight transition to virtual events due to the coronavirus. Journal of Scholarly Publishing, 51(4), 228–233.

Many libraries–including the USM Librareis–are offering virtual events.  Stileman and Nyren offer a solid introduction to the topic.

Thomas, S. (Host). (2020, July 14). Shauntee Burns-Simpson (No. 188). [Audio podcast episode]. In Circulating ideas.

This episode highlights the important work of the American Library Association’s Black Caucus and other ethnic caucuses.  It also reminds us of the need to recruit and support BIPOC librarians.

Webb, K. K. (2020).  Curriculum mapping in academic libraries revisited: Taking an evidence-based approach.  College & Research Libraries News, 81(1), 30-33.

Curriculum discussions are an important part of our liaison work.  This piece comes with a handy checklist.

Zulkey, C. (2020). Collecting coronavirus stories: Librarians and archivists around the country ask patrons to document history in the making. American Libraries, 51(11/12), 30–33.

We had to include at least one piece directly concerning COVID-19.  When we collect stories of  COVID-19 experiences, we need to include underrepresented populations (p. 32).

Aldred, B. G. (2020). Asynchronizing with the Framework: Reflections on the process of creating an asynchronous library assignment for a first-year writing class. College & Research Libraries News, 81(11), 530-533.

As have many subject faculty, we librarians have adapted to online instruction.  This piece offers a concrete example of asynchronous library instruction.

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